Barrisol Acoustic Light Solutions

Acoustic Light by Barrisol® is an innovation which is unique in the world and which is the fittest solution to answer both architects’ and acousticians’ expectations.

Added value for professionals

  • Acoustic light by BARRISOL® corrects the acoustic of a room while giving the right luminosity to the space,
  • Acoustic light by BARRISOL® is remarkable by its limited weight and its quick implementation,
  • Acoustic light by BARRISOL® has a great aesthetic and design,
  • The quality and transmission of the light are perfectly homogenous,
  • The access and maintenance are of the easiest,
  • ​Acoustic light by BARRISOL® is in conformity to the fire norms.


Acoustic Light BY BARRISOL is the result of several years of R&D, this system managed to start from a lighting material to a lighting acoustics material while keeping its aesthetics and providing a very efficient reduction noise coefficient: α w from 0,55 to 0,7. Acoustic light By BARRISOL comes at the right time to complete the range of lighting ceilings proposed by BARRISOL for many years.