Barrisol: The world leader of stretched ceilings

Barrisol has been the world leader for the design and production of stretched ceilings for over 40 years. Throughout this time their products have won many awards for innovation and design. Although generall referred to as 'stretch ceilings', Barrisol's products have been specially designed to be used on a variety of surfaces from walls to exhibition stands and furniture.

The possibilities are endless...

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Barrisol products are made to the highest specification in the industry, which is why all Barrisol membranes come with a full 10 year guarantee.


Safety and quality are our top priority. Barrisol's product range is in compliance with applicable laws and standards, meeting all EC safety standards and are certified by an independent laboratory.

Environmentally Aware

With over 1,000,000sqm of stretched ceilings being installed annually worldwide, we feel it is our duty to be aware of the environmental impact. Barrisol's membranes have been engineered to be highly recylcable and offer an entire range produced from recycled materials.

With so many products being distributed worldwide the carbon footprint from transportation is a real concern. However, due to the lightweight nature of Barrisol's materials we're able to distribute 1,000sqm of ceiling membranes which weigh in at only 500kg (including the perimeter rail).

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Some 40 years ago, under the impetus of Jacques Mattern, an architect at Montbéliard, to whom I would like to give homage here, I launched into the great adventure of stretch ceilings. Today, I am delighted and proud that the dynamism set in motion at that time helped us develop, year after year, all the technical progress in stretch ceilings and create a wide range of Barrisol systems which now make up the complete solution.

After being the first to create the M1 (Class 0, Class 1) stretch ceiling, that can be disassembled and reassembled as required, we continued our action based on the principles of safety, performance, technology, efficiency, aesthetics, in the aim of installation quality, resistance and durability, along with customer service and satisfaction.

We have designed products in compliance with safety and environment standards, created and developed a large number of Barrisol stretch ceiling systems, including the renowned Barrisol Star with invisible tracks. We have brought these products to an exceptional technical and aesthetic level.

This enables us to offer architects and designers a wide variety of expressions, so they can incorporate Barrisol in the range of their products, giving superb results. With the Barrisol team, we are delighted to introduce you to Barrisol technology.

Fernand Scherrer,
CEO of Normalu Inventor of Barrisol

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